Full site Medical, Fire and Security Audits

Expat Rescue performs a full audit on all Medical, Fire/Rescue and Security services on behalf of our Clients. These audits can be used to ascertain whether there is any shortfall or opportunities for improvement in the process.

Full site audit includes:

• Audit the personnel vs Job Description vs Qualification. Verification of Qualification(s)
• Equipment audit
• Established Training needs
• Test each process, readiness and feasibility
• After the audit we provide a comprehensive report that highlights all the potential weaknesses and provide recommendation(s) and solutions

Clinic Audit

Expat Rescue performs clinical audits to assess how well patient care is provided and to establish if there are opportunities for improvement.

The reason we do a clinic audit is:

• Measure and improve patient care and maintain professional standards
• Healthcare personnel can identify and assess the weaknesses in the services they render.
• By doing frequent audits it creates a ethos of high quality service and constant improvement in patient care. 
• Clinic Audit is an educational process which points out problems that might have been overlooked. 
• It highlights personnel training/skill requirements
• An audit can increase moral and effectiveness of service

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