When deciding on mobile and container clinics it is essential to consider which services the patient will require and the needs of the area the units will cover. It is important to understand the geographical challenges when deciding on a mobile or container unit since poor roads and/or lack of infrastructure may require a rugged and self-sustained solution.

Expat Rescue provides a solution for any clinical needs our client might have. Firstly, we offer fully fabricated and equipped 6ft (20m) or 12ft (40m) container clinics.

These units are built to cover a variety of services and options for example:
• Medical Health Care and Trauma Units
• Full and/or Chest X-Ray Units
• Occupational Health Care (Vision, Lung Function and Audiometry Screening)
• Dental Health Care

Other options include but are not limited to:
• Mobile clinics that are utilised best during major road construction or when moving sites frequently
• PVC or pre-fabricated building units for semi-permanent facilities
• Disaster units in the form of field tents and inflatable disaster tents
• Isolation units for contagious epidemics or disease outbreaks for example – Haemorrhagic fever related diseases (Ebola, Lasa Fever etc.)

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