In the case of a viral outbreak – for instance Ebola or haemorrhagic fever related diseases – Expat Rescue is able to establish an isolation program and protocols, as well as comprehensively staffing the facility. In the event of an emergency – including injuries, major accidents, natural disasters – Expat Rescue will treat and stabilise the patient/s and if necessary assist in the medical evacuation of expatriates.

Our services include:

• Micro-Biology Doctor – with Ebola Experience, Ebola trained nurses – with Experience, Paramedics – with Ebola Experience
• Isolation Units for contagious epidemics or disease outbreaks for example – Haemorrhagic fever related diseases (Ebola, Lasa Fever etc.)
• Medical and security evacuation and repatriation Assistance and management
• Medical escorts through Doctors, Trauma Nurses and ALS Paramedics
• Travel safety and tracking
• Crisis and Disaster management
• Medical monitoring of patients and Disease outbreaks
• Isolation Units/Capsules for patient transport
• Personal Protective suits for treatment of contagious diseases
• Disaster units in the form of field tents, Inflatable disaster tents