Expat Rescue provides their client with a full turnkey solution with regards to equipment. Our diverse product range consists of an assortment of medical, Fire/Rescue and security equipment. Using a combination of local and international suppliers, Expat Rescue strives to deliver top quality equipment at most cost effective price to our clients.

Our products range includes but not limited to:

Medical Equipment
• Container and mobile Clinics
Clinic equipment
• Trauma Equipment
• Occupational Health Equipment
• First Aid kits and burnshield

Fire Services
Firefighting vehicles and Trailers
Fire Suppression Systems
Fire Sprinkler systems
Fire Extinguishers

Rescue Equipment
• Rescue vehicles and trailers
Vehicle Extrication equipment
• Rope rescue equipment

Security Management
Surveillance Equipment
Access Control Equipment
• Perimeter control
Alcohol breathalysers
Drug testing  

Personal Protective Equipment
Medical PPE
Infectious disease PPE
Firefighting PPE
Security Uniforms
General Protective clothing