Medical Management plays an intricate and vital part in all project phases. Expat Rescue understands this and has developed it services to minimise the clients’ risk and maximising the health and safety of staff.

Expat Rescue provides a client-specific medical management service. Expat Rescue ensures that each step of the medical progression is managed, from providing container clinics and equipment, to staffing the medical facilities and treating patients.

In the case of a viral outbreak – for instance Ebola or haemorrhagic fever related diseases – Expat Rescue is able to establish an isolation program and protocols, as well as comprehensively staffing the facility. In the event of an emergency – including injuries, major accidents, natural disasters – Expat Rescue will treat and stabilise the patient/s and if necessary assist in the medical evacuation of expatriates.

Our medical management process starts with an on-site medical assessment on behalf of the client. This includes the review of immediate medical threats and accessibility in respect of the surrounding medical facilities, local service providers and pharmaceutical suppliers to enable us to provide the client with a tailor-made medical solution.

Once the medical solution has been implemented, Expat Rescue can manage all the aspects of the plan by overseeing the clinic, staff, equipment, consumables, medication and medical evacuations.

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