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Expat Rescue has transformed from a staffing solution to multi-disciplinary medical rescue and management company, providing its clients with the added benefit of a fully turnkey solution.

The directors of Expat Rescue have embarked on building a dynamic company utilising the best resources that the industry has to offer including strategic partnerships with market leaders, to deliver premium quality services and products to the mining and major construction role players in and around Africa.

Expat Rescue specialises in Medical Management, Fire/Rescue Services and Security Management risks within challenging and/or remote locations. Expat Rescue can work with our clients to deliver complete solutions both at individual project sites and across their operations.

Expat Rescue works with the world’s leading energy, mining and construction groups, providing more project-based services to cover the national and global personnel.

Expat Rescue is currently operating in various countries within Africa where medical and professional emergency services are usually very remote from site and not well equipped. For this reason, Expat Rescue offers a service that stretches from:

  • Medical Services:
    • Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Medical Equipment, Ambulances & Container Clinics
  • Fire Services:
    • Fire Fighters/Rescue Technicians, Fire/Rescue Equipment & Emergency Vehicles
  • Security Management
    • Security Managers, Security Equipment, Access Control and Surveillance Equipment
  • Services Audit
    • Clinic Audit, Pharmacy Audit, Fire/Rescue Services Audit, Policies and Procedures Audit, Calibration Audit. All Audits will include comprehensive and detailed reports to client.

We know how challenging it is to operate in Africa. Expat Rescue has been involved in projects across Africa which include Disaster Management, direct involvement in the Ebola Outbreak, Medical Emergency Evacuations and overall Emergency Services Management. Expat Rescue personnel are all highly qualified and have extensive experience in remote site Medical, Rescue and Security Management.